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发布日期:6/28/2020 12:25:43 AM
 Memories not for sale


"English textbook, 5 yuan. Electric fan, 10 yuan." College campuses will be turned into flea markets during graduation. Graduates-to-be set up stands to bargain away those belongings which are difficult to carry back home or to their rented houses. But every student has something which is labeled "Not For Sale", even though it's heavy to carry or it takes up space. The "Not For Sale" belongings carry students' precious memories of campus life.


Xu Jingxi, 21st Century staff, talked to three graduates-to-be. They shared the stories behind their "Not For Sale" belongings.


Yu Cong, 22, engineering, Tianjin University of Science and Technology


I have a treasure box containing all the items I made by hand in class, including a radio and voltmeter.


Textbooks of theory, instruction handouts and experiment reports have been either sold or given to students in lower grades. But this treasure box is definitely "Not For Sale". It's proof that I have acquired knowledge and skills and am able to put them into practical use.


As an engineering student, it was more exciting and satisfying when my radio received FM signals than when I got all the answers right in paper tests. I had spent days and nights in labs and dorms putting all the tiny radio parts together.


Another "Not For Sale" item is my pile of China Daily newspapers. It's not just a symbol of my English study, but also a symbol of a broadened horizon.


I have come from my small hometown city Jingdezhen, where you cannot see China Daily on newspaper stands, to metropolitan Tianjin.


Like many other students, my eyes have been open during my college years. I met peers from all over the country, and I volunteered at the Davos forum.


Du Mengzhen, 22, English, Hunan University


While many college students complain about boring dorm life, I may miss it most after graduation. My friendship with roommates added spice to dorm life.


I have a pile of notebooks which are "Not For Sale". They are not notes I took in class, but beauty tips that I worked out with my roommates.


Whether the tips are helpful or not, I can't help smiling when I think of the scenes behind them. It was fun when we mixed yogurt and fruit to make our personal brand of face masks.http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网


We also bought two big cane armchairs. In the hot summer, we would turn on electric fans and enjoy relaxing moments in the chairs.


Besides an electric fan, a folding desk for use in bed is also essential for dorm life. During exams, we took turns to buy meals for our fellow roommates. Those who were not on duty could remain in bed and study all day with their books propped up on their folding desk.


It's a pity that I cannot carry my armchair and desk back home. When I sold them, I told the buyers they were symbols of my happy dorm life.


Liu Sixia, 22, business, Beijing Foreign Studies University


My "Not For Sale" items are the posters I made for my class and school clubs. And piles of books remind me of an unforgettable trip before graduation.


They remind me of my freedom to pursue my hobbies during college years, which may be difficult to do after I enter the workplace.


Making posters was more than having fun. It deepened my friendship with my peers in class and in school clubs.


My favorite poster is the one I made for my class. I took photos of all my classmates and talked to some of them for the first time.


I enjoyed reading books about volunteering and travel and I dreamed of going to the places mentioned in the books.


Before getting caught up in a full-time job, I realized my dream by taking a trip to India in April. My experience as a volunteer provided life-long lessons.


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